The art and playing of Mridang/Pakhawaj/Mardala - the double-sided North Indian drum - is my love, my joy, my passion, my spiritual practice, my grounding, my sanity-medicine, my friend and ally.
I am the musician, Phil Hollenbeck.
I have been a student of the art for 45 years. I live in USA, my teachers are in India, and that reality has shaped my development and progress, and is one of the reasons I remain a lifetime student of the art and its performance practice.

I am creating this page and site for the following purposes:

~To make a dedicated place for other North Indian musicians and dancers, as well as students and artists of other traditions, to view my background, to easily contact me for collaboration, or for assistance and instruction in the way of guru-shishya parampara
~To provide information on the art and practice, and on the gharana traditions and gurus under whom I have trained
~To honor and celebrate the pakhawaj and mardala traditions by providing information on, and linking to, some of the great contemporary players of these instruments
~To feature various recordings and videos of pakhawaj/mardala masters, and make available links to rare old samples of masters of past generations
~To be an online place open to contributions of any kind from other pakhawajis, artists, rasikas, and collectors - including comments, dialogue, and suggestions

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Odissi Dance - Wellesley College, Boston, 2013

Four video clips from the sold-out concert, sponsored by Wellesley College Music Dept.
in October, 2013
Smt. Mouli Pal and Upasana Dance Company of Boston, MA
These are short clips from four items. 
More, full-length videos coming soon.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Recent Performances

Kathak: Pooja Vaidya, Atlanta, 8/2013
Odissi: Mouli Pal, Boston, 10/2013